The Toku Way

Its hard to find the right place off-campus. 


This why the Toku Team has created a database for all the rentals near campus and are dedicated to helping you every step of the way .

Stop Searching, Toku got you.

3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Complete User Survey

to tell us what you want in an off-campus house

Step 2

Discover Properties

based on your survey results and the amenities offered by every property

Step 3

Reserve a lease

by choosing from your top options and scheduling a visit

Post-Survey Interface
What you see:
What landlords see:



It’s no secret; securing a house off-campus is stressful and expensive. Unlike current online rental platforms, the Toku team created a 'no-search' rental process so that students can save time and have one less thing to worry about.

Meet The Team

Toku was built For-Students-By-Students

Kevin Q

Class of 2020, CEO

"People don't go to college to stress over housing, it's about time we took care of that."

Why 'Toku'?

Cheesy, but it's short for 'Intoku'In Zen Buddhism, 'intoku' is often used to describe the act of doing unpopular jobs without expecting praise or reward. Toku's founders realized that a group would have to sacrifice time and energy in order to solve the issue of off-campus housing. Our goal is to go to bed at night happy with the knowledge that in a world rife with student stress, we made things just a little bit better. 

Need a place for next year?